Service Details

Most benefits for your money

In case your business is a smaller start-up, the single colocation server rack units is exactly what you need.
Our service gives you the possibility to rent up to five server racks that are shared with other customers.

Take as much as you need

If you own a larger enterprise in need of high scalability, capacity and power, we can provide private half or full racks. You only need to specify your needs and we will make sure that we will do our best to fulfill them.

As private as you need

Galaxy IT Solution will provide a completely private server infrastructure in the most secured data centers and allow you complete access at any time.
With the highest standard of safety and privacy in mind, Galaxy IT Solutions will make sure that all your data is safe at any given time thanks to the architecture built for the most unpredictable events.
The sole purpose of Galaxy IT Solutions services is to keep you focused on your business and take the pressure off of your own IT department.

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We are always happy to help. Please feel free to send over your questions and concerns and we’ll make sure to reply as soon as possible. If you are in need of a customized plan for your business get in touch with our Sales Team.

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